Welcome to Hannah Batchelor!

Hannah is an MD/PhD student rotating in the lab. She’s working on mesoscale imaging of projection neurons during behavior.

Welcome to Lavonna Mark!

Lavonna joins the lab from the Yale-Singapore campus, and will spend a year working on an independent project here.

New grant from the Simons Foundation

The Cardin and Higley labs were awarded a new grant from the Simons SFARI program to use viral CRISPR mutation models in combination with whole-cortex imaging to study the effects of autism mutations on cortical function.

Welcome to Alex Wang!

Welcome to Alex Wang, the Cardin Lab’s newest graduate student from the Yale INP program.

Cardin Lab at COSYNE

Off to the COSYNE 2018 meeting!  Dr. Katie Ferguson will present a poster on Friday, and Jess is giving a talk on Saturday morning.  http://www.cosyne.org

New Cardin Lab website! 

Welcome to the new, updated lab website with better pictures and more information about our current projects.